12th EPTA – Dora Pejačević International Competition for Young Pianists
Osijek, 28th-30th May 2021.

  1. 12th EPTA – Dora Pejačević International Competition for Young Pianists will be held in Osijek from 28th-30th May 2021 in the Franjo Kuhač Music School.
  2. All young pianists, regardless of the degree and type of training, can participate in the competition.
  3. The competition is divided into four categories and the age of competitors will be verified on 28th May 2021, on the day of the beginning of the competition.
    Category A – participants 11 years old and younger

    Category B - participants 13 years old and younger

    Category C - participants 16 years old and younger
    Category D – participants 19 years old and younger

  4. Performances will be held in alphabetic order, starting with the letter O
  5. The awarded participants will be obliged to attend the award ceremony and to perform at the prize winners concert without compensation, otherwise they forfeit their right to the award. The prize winners concert will be held on 30th May 2021. with participants selected by the Board of Judges.

  6. EPTA - Croatia reserves all rights in the event of television or radio recording during the competition, without compensation. 

  7. Applications must be submitted until 28th April 2021 by e-mail: epta@gsfk-osijek.hr
    Application must contain the following:

    • a) clearly filled out application form

    • b) two recent photographs
c) a photocopy of the Certificate of Citizenship for Croatian participants, or a copy of passport for foreign participants
d) 1 letter of recommendation from a piano teacher

    • e) a receipt of payment of the participation fee in the amount:
      • Category A : 40 EUR
      • Category B : 50 EUR
      • Category C : 60 EUR
      • Category D : 70 EUR
        To the bank account of:
        Franjo Kuhač Music School, Trg Sv. Trojstva 1, 31000 Osijek , Croatia
        BIC adresa: ZABAHR2XXXX
        Participants from outside of Croatia must circle OUR cost option when making payment and pay bank fee of this transaction.
        Participation fee is not refundable.

  8. Participants must report to the Competition Organization Office in the Franjo Kuhač Music School prior to the beginning of their category. They will receive additional information from the organizer in due time.

  9. Daily rehearsals and an acoustic rehearsal in the competition hall will be available to all participants.
  10. Participants will not be allowed to change their program from the one stated in the application. Only original piano works can be performed.

  11. The entire program should be played from memory.
  12. The Board of Judges reserves the right to interrupt a competitor who exceeds the program duration set by the Regulations.
  13. Compulsory pieces by Dora Pejačević will be available in pdf on request from 31st December 2020.
  14. There shall be no right of appeal to the decisions of the Board of Judges.

  15. By signing the application, participants agree to all terms and regulations of the competition.

  16. In an event of any ambiguities caused by translation, the Croatian text of the Regulations is considered authoritative.